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Strength Training 
for the Exercise Physiologist

Sydney, Saturday 16th Of March.

7 CPDs



The ‘Strength Training for the Exercise Physiologist’ course is designed to educate EPs the correct execution and techniques for teaching the squat, dead lift and power clean.  Appropriate screening techniques along with progression and regression of lifts and programming considerations will also be delved into.

We aim to give you the EP the skills to perform and teach the following:

  • Back squat

  • Front squat

  • Dead lift

  • Clean pull

  • Hang clean & power clean



The course will teach you:

  • The pre-requisites for Strength Training

  • Appropriate assessments for progression of strength training

  • Corrective exercise prescription for movement deficiencies

  • Exercise prescription for rehabilitation, hypertrophy, fat loss, strength and power

  • How to design a program plan/periodisation

  • Function warm-ups

  • Safety

  • Strength Training theory

  • How to identify and correct common movement dysfunction



This course will show you how to identify which part of the lift an athlete is breaking down in and how fix the problem. I highly recommend the Advanced Strength Training for Exercise Physiologists course to all EPs and strength and conditioning coaches. As a Level 3 Strength and Conditioning coach, I use Olympic Style lifting to develop strength in my athletes, the Strength Training  for Exercise Physiologists course has given me a greater perspective on Advanced Strength Training concepts and its applications.

- Paul Watson, former Cronulla, Penrith and Australian Rugby League head conditioning coach

Head trainers for your course

Rob Leslie

Rob is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with over 23 years of industry experience.  After graduating from the University of Wollongong in 2001 he briefly competed in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  Having worked for 9 years in the NRL including being the Strength and Power Coach for the Cronulla Sharks for their inaugural premiership in 2016, he now owns and runs ‘Perfect Form Fitness’ in the Sutherland shire.  His passion is for developing athletes as well as everyday mums and dads into reaching their full potential through progressive exercise adaptation.

Cory Bocking

Corey has over 17 years of coaching experience in high performance sport, he is currently the Head of Strength and Power for the Penrith Panthers. Prior to this role he was the Senior Strength and Conditioning coach for the NSW Waratahs, Head of Strength and Conditioning for Cricket West Indies, Physical Performance Manager in the NRL & ATP (Tennis), High Performance Manager for Bangladesh Cricket and a number of strength and conditioning roles in T20 competitions around the World. Corey brings a blend evidence-based learning and coaching experiences to the workshop to ensure the course is interactive and engaging for the participant.




Perfect Form Fitness

Shop 5/13-17 Kennedy Cres, Bonnet Bay.


$350 per person.

 7 CPDs


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