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Breathe for Bree.

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PFF are honoured to host a BREATHING AND ICE workshop on the 5TH of May @ BBFC - Hanger 9am -1030am.

Address is: 5r Coolidge cres, Bonnet BAY Lakewood Reserve.

This event is for a local mum battling cancer.

All proceeds will be given to Bree and her Family to assist in the hard time.

Tickets can be purchased below.

$45 per head nonrefundable.

Please arrive early to sign waiver and check in.

Session starts at 9am Sharp.

What to expect:

This is a 16 years and over event, however younger children can come for the breath work if they are able to lay still for that amount of time. (Please contact Nadia directly if you have any questions)

Breathe work will last 30-40mins (please bring your own mat, a pillow, a blanket and towel for ice baths.)

You can wear clothing into to the ice bath or swimming costume.

Bring a change of clothes for afterwards.

If you only want to do the breathing and not the ice bath, that is ok.

Why breath and do ice baths?

Those that are skeptical on this concept I have listed the amazing benefits of cold exposure below.

9 Health Benefits of Cold Exposure (so, chill out) - BioTrust

  1. Increased Metabolic rate and activation of fat burning. (Doing a collective 11mins a week of cold exposure including cold showers can dramatically help fat burning, along with appropriate nutrition)

  2. Improved insulin sensitivity the body becomes more efficient at using glucose as NRG.

  3. Reduces inflammation and pain.

  4. Improved mood

  5. Improved sleep

  6. Increase focus

  7. Reduce stress and Anxiety

  8. Improve brain power



Honestly the ice bath is hard and it does take a lot of focus, focus on your breath and nothing else !!!! Which is amazing because we rarely are in the state of only focusing on one thing. This calms our mind and teaches our body to deal with stress. It also teaches us that stress is ok if we can come back out of that flight or fright state into Homeostasis.


The feeling you get after an ice bath is incredible, a sense of power, Nrg, accomplishment, a huge dopamine rush and you will feel AMAZING!

Click the button below to purchase tickets! Do it for BREE.

And do something amazing for yourself!

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